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Despite the ongoing reconstruction of our site, we are delighted to inform you that Sen’Su remains open and fully operational. Our team is more than ever eager to respond to all your requests, offering personalised care thanks to our integrative approach.

The integrative agora

Sen’Su is an innovative company specializing in personalised care using an integrative approach.

We focus on key aspects such as sleep management, optimizing tissue oxygenation, managing psycho-emotional stress, balanced nutrition and encouraging an active lifestyle.

Our care and services

Our aim is to improve the health potential of each individual over the long term by combining the following areas.

Sports and therapeutic massages

These tailor-made sessions are designed to release tension, improve circulation and speed up muscle recovery.

Body and facial beauty treatments

Let our experts sublimate your skin, sculpt your figure and revive your natural radiance thanks to a moment of relaxation.

Body composition evolution

With precise data on the distribution of your muscle mass, body fat and much more, you can set realistic targets, adapt your lifestyle and achieve optimum fitness.

Biological analysis

An in-depth investigation, where we precisely examine biological markers in the blood or pollutants in the urine to reveal crucial information about your state of health.

Energy balance

This examination uses photometry-based technology to analyse the composition of your connective tissue, providing an insight into your metabolism. The results are used to develop strategies to improve your health.

Nutritional profile

By analysing your diet in depth, it reveals the secrets of your nutrition, helping you to make informed decisions for a healthier, more balanced life.

Microbiome analysis

The microbiota is thought to hold the key to many diseases, such as diabetes, Crohn’s disease and even autism. The microbiota or microbiome is studied using a sequencing method called metagenomics. It enables an inventory to be made of the species present in a stool sample.

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