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A place where your health is our priority

Everyone has an innate potential for growth and transformation.

Clinic in TCM, functional biology & acupuncture

Complementing the traditional approach

Enhance your body through regenerative treatments, advanced biological analyses and the energetic harmony of acupuncture. We are committed to guiding you towards optimal health by merging tradition and innovation. Explore a holistic and personalised approach, redefining the standards of modern healthcare.

Biological analysis

Your well-being: our commitment

Biological analysis, like a tailor-made medical investigation, explores your body via a simple blood test taken in specialised partner laboratories. The results provide an in-depth understanding of your body, enabling you to prevent potential health problems and make informed decisions. Dare to take this first step towards improving your health

Sports and therapeutic massages

Give your body the attention it deserves with sports and therapeutic massages.

Body massage

60/90 minutes – 120/180CHF

A personalised massage tailored to your needs and desires.

Happy Mom

60 minutes – 120CHF

Relieves all the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, improves posture, helps you sleep better and makes the skin more supple.


60/90 minutes – 120/180CHF

Stimulating, detoxifying, promotes lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins and aids recovery.


30 minutes – 60CHF

A massage that releases localised tension. Relax with our massage therapist, Aurélie.


30 minutes – 60CHF

Specifically designed to relieve digestive and cerebral congestion, this massage stimulates the body.

Assessment & Nutritional profile

Unleash your potential, feel ready to shine with health

The systematic exploration of metabolism reveals strategic pathways for increasing vitality, in particular by reducing the presence of heavy metals. Your plate becomes the breeding ground for judicious nutritional adjustments. Start your journey towards a healthier life by establishing a tailor-made nutritional profile, shaped by your physiological imperatives.

Microbiome analysis

Rediscover your body from the inside out

Discover the world of the microbiota, a key trend in health, including bacteria, viruses and fungi in specific microbiomes. The intestinal microbiome, for example, is home to millions of micro-organisms in harmony with our bodies. The study of the microbiota uses metagenomics, an advanced genetic sequencing technology. We’re ready to assess your gut microbiome.


A unique sensory experience

Olfactotherapy, the subtle art of healing through scent, blends harmoniously with haute parfumerie, where exquisite fragrances come to life with handcrafted precision. This sensory journey goes beyond simple aromas, becoming an intimate expression of your identity. COMING SOON !

Aesthetic body and facial treatments

Enjoy a moment of relaxation with our beauty expert

Test and do it yourself

60 minutes – 150CHF

Spend a moment with our beauty expert for advice and tips on what to do every day.

Skin diagnosis

30 minutes – 75CHF

Detailed analysis and skin assessment, advice on which products to choose according to your skin type.

Coup d’éclat facial treatment

30 minutes – 75CHF

Facial cleansing followed by a massage combining rolling, palpé-roulé and guasha.

Longevity facial

60 minutes – 150CHF

A complete facial treatment to combat the signs of ageing.

Detox facial

30 minutes – 75CHF

Detoxifying facial treatment for city dwellers.

Changes in your body composition

A healthier, more fulfilled version of yourself.

More than just the numbers on the scales, this analysis reveals your muscle and fat distribution, giving you a complete picture of your body. See a personalised view of your health, setting realistic goals, optimising your fitness and boosting your self-confidence.

Nutraceuticals & Food supplements

Explore healthy living with our advanced nutrition products

The origin and consumption of food have a major influence on our health. Nutritional quality is crucial for managing stress and determines our longevity. By taking a holistic approach to nutrition, we aim to optimise your vital functions. Let’s not neglect the pollutants present in our daily diet, an essential aspect to take into account and optimise your energy metabolism.